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The big rain bomb 27 January 2023

The big rain bomb hit Auckland unexpectedly causing loss of life, housing, vehicles, trees and cliff faces.

This blog is designed to collect images and information about how the rain bomb impacted Le Roys Bush | Wai Manawa and the Little Shoal Bay catchment.

Map of slip locations

If you are a registered user of the EcoNet CAMS Weed App, you can see the reported slip sites marked as "Warning" in red. ( Use the filters as shown in the screenshot below.)

Yes - we know they are not weeds - but it seemed the best place to record them in a hurry.

For those who are not involved in weed control, here is a screenshot of the slip sites:

Track near junction of Onewa Road and Library tracks

KG who submitted these photos says

"just went to see the damage caused by the creek running down the track above the library junction. The situation above the junction is now one of significant danger. Large parts are undermined and there may be further slips.

The council needs to barricade off that access completely until further notice."

Slip and board walk fall below the waterfall bridge

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